Struggling to increase your ROI? Just as oxygen gives us life, start afresh with ROI focused Ad’s strategy that breathes life into your business. Whether it’s PPC, Search, Display, or YouTube Ads, we deliver a return of 5x the investment in Google Ads. We’ll ensure every 💵 is attributed to the growth. Not a penny wasted!

Paid Search

Our clients hire us for one reason: to help them crush it with Google Ads and stretch their Ad spend budget. Google Ads is getting expensive, and 80+% of paid search is wasted on searches that have never converted. We’ll identify that 80% of spend and reallocate it towards the 20% that’s driving results for your business.

Our Google Ads expertise help you move the needle forward!

Google Ads should be the keystone of your digital advertising strategy. There is no better opportunity to advertise than when someone is actively researching, considering and evaluating your products or services – all from the comfort of their search browser.


We target the most relevant, lucrative, and cost-effective keywords for your business.
Our proprietary keyword research methods will ensure your ads serve and budget is spent on the best possible searches.


Proper campaign builds and launches are the foundation of any successful paid search account.
All your campaigns will be created, targeted and reviewed by our experienced in-house PPC ninjas (ex-Googlers) to ensure your campaign is set up for success


Unlike other agencies, we never leave your campaigns on auto-pilot.
Running a profitable, growth-oriented paid search campaign require a lot of time and attention, and our team will be there every step of the way to make key optimizations on a recurring basis so that you are getting the most out of your budget.

Why Work With Us?

At Reap and Sow Media, we don’t just talk to talk, but we walk the walk. We don’t give our clients excuses, and we don’t go around the bush. When it comes to Google Ads we believe there are three crucial parts: clearly defined goals, extensive research, and relentless optimization.

Custom Strategies + Ai

All of Our Campaigns begins with the end-goal in mind. We’ll work with your marketing and finance teams to determine a viable cost per digital acquisition for your business. As a result, this will help us create the best digital strategy for your business

Relentless Optimization

once we have your campaigns are up and running, we will continuously analyze, test, and manage every facet of your campaigns to ensure the highest ROI


All of your PPC data will be available for you to see in real time giving you peace of mind and transparency how how your campaigns are performing

What you’ll get

1). Tailored Strategy – we’ll develop cutting-edge digital tactics personalized for your business’ objectives.

2). Quarterly Business Reviews – you’ll receive quarterly business reviews to recap performance/past initiatives and align on go-forward tactics and projects.

3). Competitor Audits – we’ll keep a pulse on your competition with a blend of hands-on research and PPC competitor monitoring tools.

4). Performance Calls – we’ll hold reoccurring calls to keep you up-to-date on your campaigns’ performance.

5). Ad Copywriting – we’ll take the heavy-lifting of ad copywriting off your hands.

6). Total Account Ownership – unlike other agencies, your ad accounts and your data will remain yours (even if you decide to work with another partner down the road).

7). Custom, Automated Reporting – you’ll have access to your most up-to-date PPC data at your fingertips, and we’ll even customize your reporting to ensure that the most important KPIs and data segments are front and center for you.

8). Recurring Optimizations – your campaigns will be consistently optimized by an experience PPC expert and will NEVER be left on autopilot

9). Dedicated Account Team – you’ll receive a dedicated team of the best and brightest PPC practitioners.

10). Competitive & Transparent Pricing – our SOWs and fee structures are simple, clear and competitive.

11). Budgeting & Forecasting – you’ll receive full year PPC budget recommendations and forecasts

12). Bid Management – your campaigns will be managed with a blend of manual and automated bidding strategies to get you the highest possible returns.

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What you’ll get

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